Harris Smokehouse

Our extensive range of products

Smoked Salmon

Traditionally smoked and cured as per the family recipe for 50 years, the subtle smoky flavour make for fantastic hors d’oeuvres with lemon juice, black pepper, cream cheese, snips of chives & lavash.

Smoked Kingfish

Unique to Harris Smokehouse, this South Australian grown creation is a completely new flavour that goes amazingly well with lime.

Smoked Kipper Fillets

Fresh from the smokehouse, these authentic north sea herrings make for a one of a kind breakfast! Smoked in Australia just as they are in the UK, you will feel as though you’re back on the Isle of Man!

Smoked Mackerel Fillets

These North Sea blue mackerel are hot smoked and always a hit. Try them mashed up on toast with a squeeze of lemon and horseradish.

Smoked English Cod

This is proper cod from England - its flakey white flesh is succulent and unmistakable.

Smoked English Haddock

Serve with a poached egg and mashed potato for a warm comforting supper.

Hot Smoked Ocean Trout

Rainbow trout grown in salt water became known as ocean trout. Hot smoked with blackening spice, the flavour is versatile yet simple. Great for a lazy Sunday brunch with some boiled potatoes, mayo and a fork!

Hot Smoked Salmon

Flakey, sweet and oh so popular. Flake through a cream sauce at the last minute and serve with pasta, or mash up and mix with your favorite herbs, salads and mayo for amazing baguettes.

Hot Smoked Kingfish

Light, lemony and completely different; it’s a sensation for any salad you have in mind.

Smoked Eel Fillets

Smoked as fillets rather than whole eels, we are able to get more flavour into this one of a kind product. It has a rich, oily, delicate flavour. When removing the skin, retain the jelly inbetween... that is where the real flavour is!

Hot Smoked Barramundi

The firm white flesh is hand sliced and coated with black pepper. Its mild and subtle flavours are very versatile and popular with fussy eaters.

Smoked Prawns

Prawns are pretty good on their own, so these Queensland aquacultured prawns are very lightly oak smoked. They become sweet and so moorish. Once you start eating them it’s very hard to stop.

Smoked Rainbow Trout

Everyone loves smoked rainbow trout. Available as whole fish or as fillets, the flakey firm flesh is subtle in flavour, a great light option for dinner. Simply flake through a warm potato salad with dill or wholegrain mustard. Easy!

Smoked Salmon Paté

50% smoked salmon, cream cheese, lemon, dill, capers and horseradish. Its clean fresh taste comes from the quality whole fillets of smoked salmon we use, not offcuts.

Smoked Fish Paté

50% smoked white fish (mackerel, kingfish and barramundi) with lots of horseradish, garlic and cornichons. If you love strong, robust flavours then this is the product for you.

Smoked Salmon Trimmings

The same quality smoked salmon as in our other packets, but these oddly shaped slices don’t present as well - so a great option for dishes such as quiches, tarts or flans.

Smoked Salmon Fins

Why waste anything? Most producers would throw away these fins, but we hot smoked them and the flavour is amazing! The juicy sweet flavour will blow you away, and they look sensational on a platter. Just hold the fin and bite off the meat!

Smoked Kingfish Wings

The juiciest part of the kingfish fillet. There is plenty of meat left on this cut. Great as a beer snack or to use in fish stocks or soups. This product is moist and full of flavour.


A traditional Scandinavian recipe. This marinated salmon has not been into the smokehouse. It is cured using a dry mix of salt, sugar, dill and a dash of brandy. The texture is amazing served with a mustard and dill sauce.

Smoked Oysters

Sourced from the famous Coffin Bay, these are a taste sensation. You don’t need many to flavour a dish, but they don’t last long on any platter either. Harvested, shucked and smoked within 48 hours, they still taste of the sea, just like a good oyster should.

The Pastry Fish

Back by popular demand! Impressive served up at a dinner party. Skinless, boneless, raw ocean trout is covered with butter, currants and glace ginger. Puff pastry is moulded into a fishy shape and it’s ready to go into the oven.